You want to screen our Green Rights film? Great!


Here's what you need to know.

Our screening fees include a Blu-Ray disk or a download and a contract for Public Performance Rights.

Screening fees are as follows:

* For community screenings with free admission, the screening fee is

- for up to 200 people: $200
- for 200-300 people: $300

Sales tax at 15% is additional. For larger audiences, multiple screenings, festival screenings, or screenings with an admission fee, please email us at

* For small screenings or “house parties” involving 15 people or fewer, the fee is $75, plus tax.
* For individual viewing, Blu-ray, DVD and MP4 copies are available labelled “private copy: not to be used for public performance.” The price for a Blu-Ray is $29.95; for a DVD, $19.95; for an MP4, $24.95 plus tax and shipping. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

With any group screening, copies of the companion book Warrior Lawyers (normally $25) are available at a 50% discount ($12.50) plus shipping. We will also provide a high-resolution file of the Green Rights image above for use in posters and other promotional material.

The director, Chris Beckett, or the writer/narrator, Silver Donald Cameron, may be available to discuss the film and take questions afterward, either by Skype or in person. The additional fee for this participation will be tailored to the specific screening, taking into account factors like travel.

The film's pre-production trailer is at An online screener is also available. To view the screener, and for all other inquiries, please email