In Warrior Lawyers, courageous and dedicated lawyers from nine countries tell their own stories of trail-blazing lawsuits that have transformed nations and changed history.

Impoverished Argentinians win a multi-billion-dollar cleanup of the Riachuelo River in Buenos Aires.  An innovative foundation forces the Dutch government to take dramatic action on climate change. Ecuadorian natives and peasants defeat mighty Chevron in a $9.5 billion action for fouling the Amazon rain forest. The Supreme Court of the Philippines asserts the rights of future generations to a healthy, bountiful world.

Silver Donald Cameron, the author of 17 previous books, is host and executive producer of the feature documentary Green Rights: The Human Right to a Healthy World, ( produced and directed by Chris Beckett, to be released in September, 2016.  Cameron and Beckett also operate the subscription web site,, where full-length versions of these interviews – and dozens of others, in video and audio as well as text – are posted.

Warrior Lawyers will be published in September, 2016. For more details – and to order the book at the reduced pre-publication price of $19.95 – please click here.

The right to breathe. The right to clean water. The right to wholesome food.

Air, water, food – these are the sources of life. Without them, we die. And in most nations – more than 180 nations, in fact – citizens are legally entitled to these essential elements of life.

But not in Canada or the United States. And that's what the GreenRights multi-media project is all about: extending our understanding of environmental rights – green rights – and also showing the dramatic impact of those rights in other countries. Because green rights are among our most powerful tools for protecting and repairing the natural world.

Exercising those rights, dedicated citizens and brilliant lawyers are cleaning the beaches of Manila Bay and the air of Amsterdam. They're restoring the Riachuelo River in Buenos Aires, the Ganges in India. They're holding oil companies to account in Brazil and Ecuador. And in the US and Canada, they're fighting to secure these rights for all of us.

These are great human stories – stories of passion and courage, David and Goliath stories, stories of parents and grandparents battling on behalf generations not yet born.

Here's how the GreenRights project will tell their stories.


Green Rights: Your Right to a Healthy World is a feature-length documentary film currently in production. We've finished principal photography and intend to complete the film by summer. For more details, click here. You can view the trailer here. You can view the full film as well as the 90 min director's cut at



Defenders of the Dawn: Green Rights in the Maritimes is a one-hour television special broadcast on September 5, 2015 on the Atlantic network of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. It can be live-streamed here. Defenders of the Dawn has its own trailer, which can be viewed here.


The Blue Dot Version is a 10-minute micro-documentary we created for the David Suzuki Foundation's Blue Dot movement. Stream the Blue Dot version here. now includes about 20 extended individual interviews with key figures – lawyers, activists, scholars and engaged citizens – involved with green rights. These passionate change-makers come from every continent except Antarctica. Each interview includes a brief biography, and the interviews appear in video, audio and text versions. For a list of these Green Interviews, with onward links to the complete interviews, click here.


GreenRights is a project of The Green Interview, a subscription web site presenting feature-length interviews with the world's greatest environmental thinkers and activists. Click here to read how GreenRights evolved from The Green Interview, and click here to visit the Green Interview site. 

We are proud that the Sierra Club Canada Foundation has entered into a partnership with us. In 2013, it established the "GreenRights Program" as a project of the Foundation to assist in the development of the feature-length GreenRights documentary.